Investment Management  
Denali Advisors, LLC is a quantitative-based, institutional investment management firm, and the largest Native American-owned asset management firm in the country. Specializing in U.S. value equities, Denali was founded in 2001 by Robert Snigaroff, an Alaskan Native of the Aleut Tribe, and Michael Munson. Denali currently serves institutional public, corporate and foundation clients. Denali is majority employee owned and operated, and is based in San Diego, CA.
Recent Updates
Denali Advisors Named Large-Cap Equity Manager of the Year

Denali Advisors is proud to announce that we have been named the Large-Cap Equity Manager of the Year for 2015 by Emerging Manager Monthly, as part of their 10th Annual Emerging Manager Awards.  In their announcement of the Award, the publication wrote, ‘2015 was a great year for Denali Advisors’ large-cap value strategy, which saw its assets increase to just under $260 million from $96.9 million at the end of 2014.  In an area where many institutions are looking at passive management, Denali was able to provide an excess return of 4.5% over its Russell 1000 Value Index, showing that alpha can be found in the “efficient” markets.’  Denali Advisors is very pleased to have been able to provide exceptionally good performance for our clients in 2015.

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